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Monthly Archives: June 2011

What happened to the “lazy days of summer”?  Just curious because I haven’t seen hide nor hare of them since 1992!  Does anyone else feel like they are in hyperdrive?

We have kicked off summer with swim team practice 3 mornings a week, which we have been late twice out the three practices already, and on the opposite 2 days we are supposed to show up for meets at 8 o’clock….AM.  Someone forgot to tell those swim coaches that it is summer.  You know, the days without schedules.  You must remember days at the beach until sunset, right??   Also, did I mention the drill sergeants of gymnastics who insist that the kids go all summer for fear they may forget how to do a cartwheel!  We must show up there 2 nights a week.  Further, my little guy has the gall to think he actually wants to get in the summer mix of craziness so we will be at tennis lessons every Thursday at 9:30 while at the same time I am supposed to be at the swim meet.  I guess I will be cloning myself by next week.

So basically if I want to enjoy the “lazy days of summer” I can do it between the hours of 11-3.  That is not even enough time to drive to a beach and back, let alone sit down and read a book or talk to a friend for a while, or maybe catch a wave or two.  No, this is madness I tell you!  MADNESS!

What if I just said NO!  We are doing none of it!  What would happen?  Would the kids  be sitting around playing Wii or their DS games?  Would they become hermits and never see the light of day because they are addicted to technology?  OR….

Would we just swim as we liked, play tennis when we want to, go to the beach and come home late at night sunkissed and tired, read books outside, stay in our pj’s until noon, play outside, ride bikes, go for hikes, see friends at our leisure, go to museums………and whatever else we decided we wanted to do?

Sounds kind of great doesn’t it?  What am I afraid of?  Am I a bad parent if I don’t have my kids in every activity under the sun or am I a bad parent if I do?

The kids get out of school today and I have, yet again, wasted one hundred and eighty days of possible toy and general kid crap recon!  What was I thinking?  I have the XL contractor sized black garbage bags, and lord knows we have the toys and kid crap.  Why didn’t I get rid of it while they were in school?   In less than six hours they’re going to bring even more crap home from school!  And then for the next 10 weeks, they’re going to be up in my business if they catch me with a big black garbage bag.

Oh well, no sense dwelling on it now.  Their last day is my last day too.  I’m certainly not spending  the last free time I have doing a toy recon.  Plus, since they’ll be home now, maybe they can start picking up their own crap!  I think I’ll start the chore “grab bag” here this summer.  But not until the second day, I don’t want them to wish they were still in school! 

I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, and when they are open they’re burning.  It’s 5:30 in the morning and I’m up because I stupidly decided to invited the little guy’s entire class over after school today for a pizza party.  The only reason it’s stupid is because I have not been home all weekend!  I ran to the market last night for a few things, but am up early to clean this house like it’s 1997 (pre-kids), prepare beautiful food for the adults and magically my make my yard look like I take care of it.  All in 6 hours, with 3 school drop offs and one school pick-up mixed in there.  Did I mention that somehow all of the little guy’s toys, and I mean ALL of them have ended up in the dining room?  So unless I can fit a run to Home Depot for a door on the kitchen so no one can see the massive toy pile, I’ve gotta tackle that.   And, maybe, just maybe, fit in a shower. 

Not sure I’ll pull it all off.  Actually, now that I’ve decided to blog instead of clean, the odds are stacking against me.  And, seriously, because who would want to make this crap up –  the dog just puked!  I think I’ll go and get a coffee while everyone’s still asleep and try again in a little while…

I love 80’s music.  Don’t you?  I mean, it makes me feel 17 again, and well, who wouldn’t want to feel 17 again?  Seriously, this body back in 1987 was way better than the 2011 version!   Plus, the music my friends and I listened to was dance music, so it always makes me want to move.    Now, I’m still drawn to dance and R&B music and am often switching the radio station in the minivan looking for a good groove, 80’s, 90’s or whenever.

Lately though, when I’m scanning through the stations looking for a good groove I often land on a Spanish station.  Not intentionally.  I’ll be scanning through the stations, hear a beat I like and leave it on.  A few minutes will go by and the kids shout out “Mom!  It’s the Spanish channel again!”

I don’t know why this is happening.  The only thing I can imagine is that I’m never in the moment.  I’m always thinking 3 steps ahead of where I am at the time. Who has to be where next, what chores are left undone, what errands still have to be run. 

My brain is going so fast it can’t even process Spanish music on it’s own!  Oh well, I figure if it keeps happening, maybe someone in the car will pick up a second language.    If I’m listening to the Spanish equivalent of Naughty by Nature they may be picking up some words they won’t be learning in high school Spanish though! 

Travieso por Naturaleza

How do you know when you’re too old for something?  I mean, just because I’m fortyish doesn’t mean I don’t still like the things I liked when I was younger.   I blogged before about my obsession with Steven Tyler feathers for my hair.  Is it appropriate for a fortyish mother of three to have Steven Tyler feathers in her hair?

Doesn’t really matter – I’m over the feathers now anyway.  I read an article about them and they talked about the different birds the feathers came from and it kinda grossed me out.  But, here’s something I really need to have in my hair –  I first admired them on Adrienne on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and now my friend Katie has them  and even though I have yet to see them in her hair, I know that I have got to get bling strings in my hair!

But, am I too old?  I don’t feel too old!  I feel  like I need bling strings!  Of course I would get them to match my hair color – no blue or red for me.  But, as I wrote this blog post, I did a Google Image search so I could insert a photo for you to see, in case you weren’t familiar with bling strings.  Turns out, most of the photos are of children, celebrities or hookers.  Hmmm….

Maybe that’s how you know when you’re too old.

Now that hockey is over and we are the champions, we can move onto baseball and the Red Sox!  It is a good time to be a Boston sports fan!  Personally I love this time of year and I love baseball.  Of course I love the Red Sox, but even more than them, I LOVE the MUD CATS!  They are in Norton’s Rookie League and my little guy’s team.  They are only six and seven, but they are out there making plays and taking names!  They know exactly where to throw the ball!  It’s amazing!  I hear them shouting, “The play’s at first” or “Throw it home”!  It is actually very exciting.  They try to steal which is hilarious!  All they want to do is slide.  They really think they are in the Big Leagues!

They – are- loving- it!!!  There is just something about watching the kids play ball.  I don’t know if it’s an  All American feeling or team spirit or what it is.  Maybe it’s their little sweaty faces or red cheeks. Maybe it’s seeing all the parents out watching and supporting their kids.  I really can’t explain it, but it’s a good thing.  Those boys and girls  are out there rain or shine, hot, cold and everything in between.  They are cheering their teammates on with songs and chants.  They high five each other as they run across home plate.  Of course, they don’t keep score and each team claims they are the winner so it really is ALL good!  But to them it doesn’t matter.  They are having fun!

I give a lot of credit to the coach.  The coach of the team sets the tone and the attitude on the team and our coach was outstanding.  He motivated the kids in a patient, yet encouraging way that let the kids know that if they got up there and tried their best every time, then that was the name of the game!  He got results!  I really cringe when I hear coaches yelling at their players.  Or the best is when the parents are sideline coaching.  Love that!  Ha!  Some parents are just – over -the –top!

Anyway you slice it, there’s nothing that beats watching your child do their thing!  For me it lifts my spirit and baseball is the thing for the little guy.  At least for now.

There is just something about summer and baseball and being a Mud Cats fan.  Especially Lucky #7!

The Minivan Moms wish all of the dads out there (those who drive minivans and those who don’t!) a very happy Father’s Day.  It takes a truly special man to be a wonderful father and today we celebrate you!