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Monthly Archives: September 2011

The minivan is getting to the point where it’s just sort of craptastic.  I had to have the battery replaced the other day, the automatic sliders seem to be losing some of their automatic-ness and there’s a small slit in the upholstery in the back – you know that never ends well..

But then today as I was leaving the market, it caught my eye in the parking lot.  The minivan looked good.  Like when you see someone and something’s different about them, maybe it’s their hair, or maybe they’ve lost weight, you can’t quite put your finger on it, but they look good.  Better.  That’s how it was when I saw my minivan.

Then the sliding door opened at the market and I walked out into the sunny parking lot and realized…

It wasn’t my minivan!  Mine was in the next aisle over.

Craptastic as ever. 

Every summer my kids create a “Summer Bucket List” of the things they’d like to do before going back to school.  Every summer I forget about the list until the last week of July and spend all of August trying to get it checked off! 

This year, all 3 of my kids will be going to school for the whole day.  I’d love to say that I’m like the mom in the Staples commercial (It’s the most wonderful time of the year…), but I’m just not.  It makes me so sad to be getting them ready to go back to school. 

To make myself feel better and take my mind off of it, I’ve decided to create my own bucket list – the “While the Kids are in School Bucket List.”  I’ve got 180 days to complete it.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1. Deep clean the house.  I know this one doesn’t sound like fun at all, but once accomplished, it will make all the other bucket list items that much funner!

2. Go to the beach.  Alone.  With a book.  And an adult beverage.  And possibly in a bikini.

3.  Shop!  Ikea, Garden City, the Outlets!  6 hours of shopping without ANYONE whining?  Heaven. 

4. Catch a matinee.  Of a grown-up movie.  Maybe with my husband.

5. Take a ski lesson(s).  Playing “Lodge Mom” sucks and I’m not doing that again this winter.

6. Paint the kitchen.  Then nag the crap out of my husband until he a.) puts in a new kitchen floor, or b.) pays someone to put in a new kitchen floor.

7. Learn how to use a crock pot.  Well.

And…that’s all I’ve come up with so far.    Any ideas?  And, please, don’t say “get a job!”