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When report card time rolls around, so does the panic.  No, not the panic about whether or not my kids have good grades or if my kids are hitting other kids.   I’m talking about the having-to-be- in-three-places-at-once-because-my-husband-is-traveling panic.

You know, the tension that builds in the back of your neck just thinking of the challenge ahead. Its like figuring out the obstacle course you’re about to race, while being timed for the record, all while blindfolded.  Yes, the adrenaline starts to pump through my veins as I think about my carefully plotted maneuvers.  The babysitter becomes a huge pawn in my game.  If I can get the babysitter for this leg of the race, then I could pass the baton to my neighbor for the next length, and then hand it off to the babysitter again for the last stretch and I’ll be home free!  Yes, that will work!  All I have to do is call the babysitter who is ALWAYS available.

Proud of myself that I have unlocked the mystery of this dilemma, I dial feverishly, knowing this is the going to set my plan into motion.  SCREEEEEECHH!!  My plan comes to a dead halt when I am told that my babysitter is booked for the next TWO days by ANOTHER PARENT IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

WHAAAAAAAT?  I wanted to shout, “That is my babysitter, not yours!”  But…I didn’t.  I just politely stated how popular he was and hung up quickly because I needed to grab the next best babysitter in town before anyone else snatched her up.   I was, again, in panic mode.  This pleasant scenario goes on for a few more phone calls and finally I find a babysitter who hasn’t actually babysat before, but has at least taken the class and really likes my kids.  Good enough, I say, “You’re booked!”

Parent of year?  Maybe not.  But I got the job done.  Here’s to all of you who get the job done everyday!