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Don’t you just love an MNO (Mom’s Night Out)?  I remember when the kids were babies and I wouldn’t even consider it.  I don’t know why – heck, I probably needed it more then than I do now!  Luckily, I’ve finally come to my senses and try to get out for an MNO a few times a month. 

It started with a book club which progressed to a bar club.  After more than a year of meeting at the bar, one of us thought maybe we should try to get a little culture back into our MNO – so we headed off to the public library to hear an author speak.  We all planned to meet there, but some of us were running a bit late and I received a text from my friend who was already at the library asking if it were some kind of practical joke and telling me we should all get there as soon as possible because she was afraid she was going to “catch the menopause.”  As soon as I walked into that library, I understood her text.  There were elderly people in every row.  Women were knitting.  It ended up being a great experience and of course we topped it off with a stop at the local bar.  I got home that night though and couldn’t help but wonder if it meant that we were getting old.

The next cultural outing was to see a play “in the city.”  We’d all looked forward to it for weeks!  We had dinner reservations just before the show and were all gussied up for a night downtown.  We arrived at the restaurant and it was filled with older people.  I just thought maybe that was what happened when you dined early.  When we ran into the theater, with less than a minute to spare, I sat down and took a look around and realized that we were again some of the youngest people there.   

This time, it felt different.  Being the youngest people in the crowd feels kinda nice.  I mean, we’re forty, anytime we feel younger is a bonus!  So as we were headed home that night we talked about finding some other places we could venture to and be the youngest.  We’re currently researching the local bingo scene.  There’s one stipulation though, they have to serve cocktails.