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Now that hockey is over and we are the champions, we can move onto baseball and the Red Sox!  It is a good time to be a Boston sports fan!  Personally I love this time of year and I love baseball.  Of course I love the Red Sox, but even more than them, I LOVE the MUD CATS!  They are in Norton’s Rookie League and my little guy’s team.  They are only six and seven, but they are out there making plays and taking names!  They know exactly where to throw the ball!  It’s amazing!  I hear them shouting, “The play’s at first” or “Throw it home”!  It is actually very exciting.  They try to steal which is hilarious!  All they want to do is slide.  They really think they are in the Big Leagues!

They – are- loving- it!!!  There is just something about watching the kids play ball.  I don’t know if it’s an  All American feeling or team spirit or what it is.  Maybe it’s their little sweaty faces or red cheeks. Maybe it’s seeing all the parents out watching and supporting their kids.  I really can’t explain it, but it’s a good thing.  Those boys and girls  are out there rain or shine, hot, cold and everything in between.  They are cheering their teammates on with songs and chants.  They high five each other as they run across home plate.  Of course, they don’t keep score and each team claims they are the winner so it really is ALL good!  But to them it doesn’t matter.  They are having fun!

I give a lot of credit to the coach.  The coach of the team sets the tone and the attitude on the team and our coach was outstanding.  He motivated the kids in a patient, yet encouraging way that let the kids know that if they got up there and tried their best every time, then that was the name of the game!  He got results!  I really cringe when I hear coaches yelling at their players.  Or the best is when the parents are sideline coaching.  Love that!  Ha!  Some parents are just – over -the –top!

Anyway you slice it, there’s nothing that beats watching your child do their thing!  For me it lifts my spirit and baseball is the thing for the little guy.  At least for now.

There is just something about summer and baseball and being a Mud Cats fan.  Especially Lucky #7!

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Gia and Stacey are busy with field trips, field days, school concerts, band concerts, orchestra concerts, recitals, gymnastics shows, soccer playoffs, baseball games, moving up ceremonies, graduation parties, birthday parties, end of the year parties, meetings, planning teacher gifts, six kids, two dogs, two husbands and a partridge in a pear tree.  We will return to blogging shortly.  Thank you!