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I’m a minivan mom.  I’m a mom.  I drive a minivan.  Sure, it’s not the nicest car in the school drop-off line, heck it’s not even the nicest minivan in the drop-off line.  But, as my mother would say, it gets me from here to there.  And with 3 kids.  And their friends.  And the dog.  And all the schtuff 3 kids, their friends and a dog come with.  Plus, I can press a button and the door closes!  I’ll never be “that mom” whose kid dings the soccer coach’s Mercedes every time he flings open the car door.  That’s a plus, right?  I mean, who cares if my 7th grader consistently refers to it as “The Loser Cruiser?”  And my husband won’t drive it on his drop-off days (claiming that putting it in park to press the “door open” button uses up too much drop-off line time.)  Or that the trunk is the size of a laundry basket and to successfully get all of the schtuff in there I have to pack it like an Ikea box without a square inch to spare.

Did I already say it gets me from here to there?  With all of them?   For now, I think I’ll just consider it “the company car.”  The one I have to drive while doing this job.  This job I love.