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So, if a midlife crisis occurs midlife, and I’m 41, wouldn’t that be anytime now?  I mean, 82’s pretty old, right?  So how will I know?  Are there signs?  Crap, am I in the middle of one?

I did just ask my hair stylist to give me Farrah Fawcett  layers.  (He didn’t, I don’t think.)

Then there was the girls’ trip to NYC in which I spent the entire time searching for feathers to wear in my hair (a la StevenTyler.)  And, I shopped at Forever 21.

Forever 21!  This isn’t looking good, not at all.  I could be having one.  Right now

Ok, wait a minute; I’m still driving a minivan, right?  Right.  Well then, that is so not a midlife crisis.  If it were a certified – real deal midlife crisis I’d be driving something  a hell of a lot nicer than that.