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I am from a city in “Little Rhody.”  Yes it is a small city, but nonetheless a city.  We little city girls like our fashion and style just as much as the next girl.  When I was…well, let’s just say a while ago, I had to have the most popular, in-style jeans ever invented.   Acid washed Z Cavaricci’s!  I paid top dollar of my own hard earned money to have those babies! I considered myself cool.  Well, maybe not cool, but hovering in -the- area- of cool anyway.

But a funny thing happened after having my 3 beautiful babies.  My fashion sense went out the window with my ability to recall words.  Baby brain was in full effect.  My style consisted of basically getting out of pajamas to put on clothes that looked like…well, pajamas.   I didn’t even mind.  I liked it.  They were comfortable and loose enough for me to whip out the loaded guns when needed and do my thing with no one even noticing.

I noticed this past year that I am slowly regaining my fashion sense.  It’s like when you have a cold and all of sudden you can taste food again and you realize you’re STARVING!  I am loving bags and shoes of all kinds lately.  I am particularly fond of these adorable Tory Burch flats and this amazing green Kate Spade bag, ooooo yes!

“Mom, mom, mommy, mooooooooom!”

Did I mention that I am the mother of 3 school age children?  Yes, well those particular people have interests too.  This might shock you, but none of them have anything to do with me getting a new Kate Spade bag.  Their interests DO cost a pretty penny though.  CA –CHING!!!!

I’m back.  Just slipped away for a moment of indulgence.

I hope I will never go back to wearing clothes that look like pj’s, but I will still be sporting my wash and wear shirts from the sale rack   and my bag that I lovingly refer to as my “Chinatown special” will continue to be slung over my shoulder even with its missing buckle.

Oh yeah!  Did I also mention that I drive a minivan?  Really COOL!