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The forms came home in the backpack.  It was inevitable, kindergarten registration time is here.  In the packet is a list to help determine if my guy is “ready” for kindergarten. 

My friends all say,

 “He’ll do great!”

                “It’s going to be wonderful!”

 “He’ll love it!”

Who cares about him –  what about me?  What about my readiness?  How am I going to do?  I’ll tell you how – not well.  Not well at all. 

We’re talking about Kindergarten.  For. The Whole. Day.  From 8 something in the morning until 3 something in the afternoon.  My baby’s going to be gone ALL DAY.  Doing godknowswhat.  Well, I have some idea of what he’ll be doing.  But I won’t know EVERYTHING.  Kids withhold information, they give you the bare minimum of details about their day.  And, most of his day will be spent away from me. 

He’s my last one.  The baby.  I wanted him home longer.  With me. 

The big kids have lives of their own, lives that involve friends, afterschool activities and sports.  But the little guy, he’s still all mine.  Once he goes to school, that’ll be that.  He’ll be a big boy.  And I’ll be…what?  Home alone, all day?  Don’t get me wrong, I like a little free time here & there.  Preschool is just fine for me, a little over 2 hour break in the morning.  But the whole day? 

I’m just not ready.