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Today we had a meeting at the little guy’s school to discuss his speech therapy program.  While I was waiting in the office, his teacher stopped in and sat beside me.  She told me that she wanted to discuss something that happened in class today.  She warned that it wasn’t a big deal, but that she’d kept the little guy in for recess.  Turns out, he was copying a friend’s answers during a listening/writing activity – complete with misspellings and an exclamation point!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I take cheating very seriously, but since he’s number three, I’ve learned a thing or two about what goes on in school.  When the big guy was the same age, he would come home and confess to me about something he got in trouble for and I would instantly call the teacher and explain how “seriously” we took education and that there would be consequences at home as well.  Fast forward 7 years, and I know when to let the school discipline just be, and when I have to step in.

So, although I figured staying in for recess and discussing the “incident” would suffice, I couldn’t help but wonder if the little guy would tell me about it.  The bigs talk to me about everything.  Surely my little guy would come home and tell me what happened.  Not.

Just imagine me trying to pry the info from the little  guy…”So, honey, how was school?”  “What’d you do at recess?”…Nothing.  No info coming my way.  By the time dinner came, I could take it no more!  So I came out with a direct question:

“How was recess today?”

And do you know what the answer was?  A suspicious “WHY would you even ask me that?”

Not, “I’m so sorry Mommy, I got in trouble.  I made a bad choice.”

Nooo, it was “WHY would you even ask me that?”

So, I just said, “I always ask you how recess was.”

“You do?” he replied.

“Yes,” I nodded.

“Good!” he cheerfully answered!  Good?  Staying in and discussing copying your friend’s answers is good??

All children are different.  Even in the same family.  Even if you think you’re raising them the same.  But dammit, that number three, well, he sure is his own person.  He’s got his own secret school life going on, and he’s not going to let me into it.  No matter how hard I pry.

I guess I’ll just go with it.  Let him figure out his way.  Hope he learned his lesson.  And sharpen my super sleuth skills – looks like I’m going to need them!

My first ever blog post was about what I thought would be a great family tradition that ended up being a total pain in my ass!  Well, here we go again…

Each Valentine’s Day I buy candy and cards for all three kids and my husband.  He buys candy and a card for me.  I usually have to shop around like crazy to find candy this is nut free for my daughter, and that seems relatively proportionate to what I got for the boys.

This year, I read in Family Fun Magazine about a family who draws names and then buys Valentines for each other that way.  The family said it was so sweet and everyone loved being able to pick out a Valentine for their “Secret Valentine.”  Sucker that I am, I immediately subscribed to the sweetness of this and suggested it to my family!  Plus, I thought, then everyone would be responsible for a Valentine for someone else, and not just me doing it all.  Or so I thought.

I wrote out the names and we all drew one, starting with the youngest.  It went perfectly well.  I told the kids that if they drew my name, they’d have to tell Daddy and he would take them shopping, and if they drew Daddy’s name to tell me and I’d take them shopping for their “Secret Valentine.”

You know where this is going, right?  Right down the tubes, that’s where!  This great idea, this new tradition, is nothing more than the usual tradition, but more of a pain for me!

Here’s the breakdown of the “secret” drawing:

Little Guy gets Big Guy

Big Guy gets Little Guy

The Daughter gets Daddy

I get the Daughter…

And Daddy gets me.



Happy freakin’ Valentine’s Day!

I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, and when they are open they’re burning.  It’s 5:30 in the morning and I’m up because I stupidly decided to invited the little guy’s entire class over after school today for a pizza party.  The only reason it’s stupid is because I have not been home all weekend!  I ran to the market last night for a few things, but am up early to clean this house like it’s 1997 (pre-kids), prepare beautiful food for the adults and magically my make my yard look like I take care of it.  All in 6 hours, with 3 school drop offs and one school pick-up mixed in there.  Did I mention that somehow all of the little guy’s toys, and I mean ALL of them have ended up in the dining room?  So unless I can fit a run to Home Depot for a door on the kitchen so no one can see the massive toy pile, I’ve gotta tackle that.   And, maybe, just maybe, fit in a shower. 

Not sure I’ll pull it all off.  Actually, now that I’ve decided to blog instead of clean, the odds are stacking against me.  And, seriously, because who would want to make this crap up –  the dog just puked!  I think I’ll go and get a coffee while everyone’s still asleep and try again in a little while…

Birth Order

My little guy was sick yet again this week with an ear infection and strep throat too.  He was so sick and feverish that I was really worried.  Of course after a few doses of the anti-biotic he perked up and within a couple of days he was fine.  But just play these sentences over and over again and you’ll know what this whole school year has been like for him.  Granted he is in a full day kindergarten class and it is his first year at the big school, but I was also thinking it may be due to something else….Birth Order.

When my oldest was his age she was in bed by 7 or 7:30.  She got a full 12 hours of sleep.  She ate 3 homemade meals a day.  She did not have activities that ran until 9 at night.  She watched minimal tv. And so on and so on.  You get the point.

My little guy is lucky if eats one good meal a day; the others being something fast from the freezer section.  He is lucky to be in bed before 9pm.  He gets dragged from one activity to another.  He watches things that I never would have let my oldest watch when she was 6, like Harry Potter or Star Wars.  He is just living his life so to speak.  It’s just that his life as the third child is so drastically different from the life of a first child.  I just hope it is not to his own detriment.  I would love to have some feedback on this post about how you all manage this scenario.  Having 2,3,4 and more kids doesn’t necessarily mean that they are all treated equally, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.  Or is it?