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The minivan is getting to the point where it’s just sort of craptastic.  I had to have the battery replaced the other day, the automatic sliders seem to be losing some of their automatic-ness and there’s a small slit in the upholstery in the back – you know that never ends well..

But then today as I was leaving the market, it caught my eye in the parking lot.  The minivan looked good.  Like when you see someone and something’s different about them, maybe it’s their hair, or maybe they’ve lost weight, you can’t quite put your finger on it, but they look good.  Better.  That’s how it was when I saw my minivan.

Then the sliding door opened at the market and I walked out into the sunny parking lot and realized…

It wasn’t my minivan!  Mine was in the next aisle over.

Craptastic as ever. 

I love 80’s music.  Don’t you?  I mean, it makes me feel 17 again, and well, who wouldn’t want to feel 17 again?  Seriously, this body back in 1987 was way better than the 2011 version!   Plus, the music my friends and I listened to was dance music, so it always makes me want to move.    Now, I’m still drawn to dance and R&B music and am often switching the radio station in the minivan looking for a good groove, 80’s, 90’s or whenever.

Lately though, when I’m scanning through the stations looking for a good groove I often land on a Spanish station.  Not intentionally.  I’ll be scanning through the stations, hear a beat I like and leave it on.  A few minutes will go by and the kids shout out “Mom!  It’s the Spanish channel again!”

I don’t know why this is happening.  The only thing I can imagine is that I’m never in the moment.  I’m always thinking 3 steps ahead of where I am at the time. Who has to be where next, what chores are left undone, what errands still have to be run. 

My brain is going so fast it can’t even process Spanish music on it’s own!  Oh well, I figure if it keeps happening, maybe someone in the car will pick up a second language.    If I’m listening to the Spanish equivalent of Naughty by Nature they may be picking up some words they won’t be learning in high school Spanish though! 

Travieso por Naturaleza

I’m not usually in charge of the morning routine.  I mean, I used to be, but then I just stopped getting up with everyone, and what do you know, they left me alone!

They get up at 6:20 with my husband, eat breakfast and start to get ready.  I usually roll out of bed around 6:45-6:50, come down, make my coffee, check my email and then wrap up any loose ends for them before they head out at 7:15.  It’s a pretty good gig.

The other day my husband said he was going mountain biking and that I’d probably have to drive the kids to school.  Fine.  No big deal.  It was two days away…

Yesterday my daughter came into my room and woke me at 6:24.  I asked her what she was doing, and she told me that I had to get up, I was driving to school.  I snapped back that I didn’t have to get up until 6:30!

Two minutes later, she was back.  “What?” I shouted.  “The dog puked,” she answered.  Crap.  Now I had to get up.  6:28.  And we were out of coffee.

I came down and asked where Daddy was.  I mean, what kind of chaos was this?  Waking me up, dog puking?  Oh…mountain biking.  Duh.

I proceeded to look for the emergency rubber gloves I keep under the sink for moments like this.  Couldn’t find them.  I finally found one loose one and was so grateful for just one.  I quickly slipped it on as I was grabbing the paper towels and disinfectant.  And the glove had no thumb!  I held my hand up and sighed.  My son said, “Oh, yeah.  Um…I cut the thumb off for a craft.”  Really?  For a craft?

I got the mess cleaned up and continued to sort of sleep-stomp around the house.  The no coffee thing was starting to kick in and I was getting cranky.

My son began making the lunches.  I over heard my daughter ask him if he had done everything else he needed to do to be ready.  Moments later he was brushing his teeth and she was on lunch duty.  Finally, they told me it was time to go.  Finally, I was going to get some coffee!

I dropped them both at school, got some coffee came home and relaxed.  I was meeting friends for a run in an hour.  I had plenty of time to email, Facebook, blog.

My husband came in at 8:30 and asked if the little guy was ready for school.  The little guy?!  I forgot all about him.  Not left him home alone forgot, but not dressed for school forgot.  So my husband started rushing around getting him clothes and stuff and I still sat.  Relaxing.  Then he asked if I made the little guy’s snack.  Um, no.

Then it happened.  He spit my words right back out at me.  “If I knew I was going to come home to this, I would never have gone!”  Oh man, I’ve said that one a gazillion times.  You’d think I’d have a pretty good response to it then.  But I didn’t.  I simply told him I was cold.  Cold!  That was my excuse?  As soon as it came out of my mouth I knew it was too lame for him to buy it.  Why didn’t I have a better one?  Like we were out of coffee?

Guess it didn’t matter.  He came home from work last night and told me he was going for a mountain bike ride again this morning.  Looks like the jig is up.  No more sleeping until 6:45 for me and leisurely drinking coffee until they leave.  Unless…I screw it up so bad he decides to only mountain bike on the weekends.

Father’s Day has got to be one of the best holidays, don’t you think?  My husband golfs 18 holes with his dad and brothers, while I have my dad here for breakfast.  When my husband gets home, we’ve got all his favorite snacks ready for a little sports on tv and a snooze on the couch.  I hire a neighborhood kid to cut the grass that day so my husband doesn’t have to lift a finger.  The evening ends with his favorite meal, grilled outside and eaten on the deck with a nice cold beer.  Great, right?  Now let’s talk about Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day starts at the ass crack of dawn with the kids (oh so excited!) waking me up.  My husband shushes them and hurries them downstairs where they make the usual ruckus, then serve me breakfast in bed.  My “breakfast” usually consists of coffee and a baked goods from Dunkin Donuts that the little guy tries to eat with me.  In my bed.  They’re all in my bed at this point.  Breakfast is followed by gifts of flowers and things made at school.  Last year my husband went a little above and beyond.  He gave me a memo board, a clipboard and a coupon organizer.  The memo board and the clipboard were bad enough, but a freakin’ coupon organizer?!  I’m sure at some point that day we also visited my mother, and his.  What a fun and relaxing day!

This year’s going to be a little different.  I’ve decided that since Mother’s Day is my one and only true day off , I’m going to treat it as such.  Plus I learned my lesson.  If you want something done right, just do it yourself.  That’s why Father’s Day is so great, after all.   And, since the coupon organizer debacle of last year, my husband is all for me planning Mother’s Day.

The festivities are scheduled to begin on Friday morning, around 7:30 – bagels and coffee with girlfriends.  Then we’ll all pile into a caravan of minivans and head up north for the weekend.  You read it right.  We’re going away.  For. The. Whole. Weekend.  Just us Moms.  We’ll spend the weekend ziplining and hiking, shopping and dining.  We’ll be home in time for dinner on Sunday night.  

No Dunkin Donuts in my bed with the whole family, no visit with my mother-in-law, no coupon organizer.  Just a nice relaxing weekend.  Everything Mother’s Day should be.  And I’m sure that after 3 days away from the kids, I’ll happily share my dinner with them, even in my bed if they want.

Every morning I drive my oldest to school.  Every morning we chat the whole way about this and that.  And EVERY morning she kisses me and says, “I love you, Mom,” gets out of the car, runs up to the door, and turns around to wave goodbye.

She is going to Middle School in the fall and I know she has been thinking about it and talking to her friends about it too.  I have been thinking about it too.  I can’t believe my baby is growing up so fast… is my usual thought.  But I really enjoy our chats, and I try to live in the moment so to speak.  Middle School seems so big to me.  She seems so little to me…

But she isn’t.

Yesterday, I drove her to school as usual.  We chatted the whole way as usual.  She kissed me and said I love you as usual.  But this time she saw a friend at the door and ran right to her and right into the school.  No turn.  No wave goodbye.

And just like that she was big.

It hit me like a ton of bricks and I cried all the way home.  Did I just lose her to the teenage years made up of friends I don’t even know?  I hope not.  Maybe tomorrow she’ll go back to the wave.  I am not ready to wave goodbye to my baby girl….at least not yet.

And besides all that we need more time to save for college!

I’m a minivan mom.  I’m a mom.  I drive a minivan.  Sure, it’s not the nicest car in the school drop-off line, heck it’s not even the nicest minivan in the drop-off line.  But, as my mother would say, it gets me from here to there.  And with 3 kids.  And their friends.  And the dog.  And all the schtuff 3 kids, their friends and a dog come with.  Plus, I can press a button and the door closes!  I’ll never be “that mom” whose kid dings the soccer coach’s Mercedes every time he flings open the car door.  That’s a plus, right?  I mean, who cares if my 7th grader consistently refers to it as “The Loser Cruiser?”  And my husband won’t drive it on his drop-off days (claiming that putting it in park to press the “door open” button uses up too much drop-off line time.)  Or that the trunk is the size of a laundry basket and to successfully get all of the schtuff in there I have to pack it like an Ikea box without a square inch to spare.

Did I already say it gets me from here to there?  With all of them?   For now, I think I’ll just consider it “the company car.”  The one I have to drive while doing this job.  This job I love.