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Since I was little, I’ve loved anything sparkly and fancy.  I am from Cranston, that may explain some of it, but I always thought it was just how girls were.  As I got older, I started to wear less and less of anything even remotely fancy.

When my daughter was born, I was so happy to have a little princess that I could dress up!  I loved when she was a toddler and would wear princess dresses and tiaras.  Bows in her hair!  High heels around the house!  Eye shadow all over her eyes and forehead!  It was perfect – everything I thought it would be.

Then, BAM! Tweenagedom.  What a downer.  No more pink, ever.  A bow?  Forget about it.  A rhinestone, some silver stitching, a ruffle?  All absolute NO’s!  It’s the most frustrating thing about having a tweenage daughter.  She really still does love this stuff, she tries it all on at the store, even lets me buy some of it.  But actually wear it?  No way.  Suddenly it’s all about jeans and sweats, Uggs and sneakers.  It’s got to be some kind of peer pressure or crazy group think, but girls her age actually think that they look better this way.  They look like slobs!  Slobs in hundred dollar boots!

Strangely though, at about the same time that she started to despise anything sparkly and girly, my love for them grew!  I’m instantly drawn to anything with sequins, rhinestones and glitter!  I recently spent an hour trying to decide between a purple patent leather purse and a shiny gold purse.  I’m suddenly buying flower and rhinestone clips for my hair.  Wearing far too many bracelets and enormous cocktail rings.   It’s like Freaky Friday – except, I’m still the responsible one.

I’ve been explaining my reclaimed love of all that glitters as “embracing my Cranston-ness” – but really, I guess I’m still a princess after all.  And, considering the crown they gave me for Christmas, my family thinks so too.