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What happened to the “lazy days of summer”?  Just curious because I haven’t seen hide nor hare of them since 1992!  Does anyone else feel like they are in hyperdrive?

We have kicked off summer with swim team practice 3 mornings a week, which we have been late twice out the three practices already, and on the opposite 2 days we are supposed to show up for meets at 8 o’clock….AM.  Someone forgot to tell those swim coaches that it is summer.  You know, the days without schedules.  You must remember days at the beach until sunset, right??   Also, did I mention the drill sergeants of gymnastics who insist that the kids go all summer for fear they may forget how to do a cartwheel!  We must show up there 2 nights a week.  Further, my little guy has the gall to think he actually wants to get in the summer mix of craziness so we will be at tennis lessons every Thursday at 9:30 while at the same time I am supposed to be at the swim meet.  I guess I will be cloning myself by next week.

So basically if I want to enjoy the “lazy days of summer” I can do it between the hours of 11-3.  That is not even enough time to drive to a beach and back, let alone sit down and read a book or talk to a friend for a while, or maybe catch a wave or two.  No, this is madness I tell you!  MADNESS!

What if I just said NO!  We are doing none of it!  What would happen?  Would the kids  be sitting around playing Wii or their DS games?  Would they become hermits and never see the light of day because they are addicted to technology?  OR….

Would we just swim as we liked, play tennis when we want to, go to the beach and come home late at night sunkissed and tired, read books outside, stay in our pj’s until noon, play outside, ride bikes, go for hikes, see friends at our leisure, go to museums………and whatever else we decided we wanted to do?

Sounds kind of great doesn’t it?  What am I afraid of?  Am I a bad parent if I don’t have my kids in every activity under the sun or am I a bad parent if I do?

Father’s Day has got to be one of the best holidays, don’t you think?  My husband golfs 18 holes with his dad and brothers, while I have my dad here for breakfast.  When my husband gets home, we’ve got all his favorite snacks ready for a little sports on tv and a snooze on the couch.  I hire a neighborhood kid to cut the grass that day so my husband doesn’t have to lift a finger.  The evening ends with his favorite meal, grilled outside and eaten on the deck with a nice cold beer.  Great, right?  Now let’s talk about Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day starts at the ass crack of dawn with the kids (oh so excited!) waking me up.  My husband shushes them and hurries them downstairs where they make the usual ruckus, then serve me breakfast in bed.  My “breakfast” usually consists of coffee and a baked goods from Dunkin Donuts that the little guy tries to eat with me.  In my bed.  They’re all in my bed at this point.  Breakfast is followed by gifts of flowers and things made at school.  Last year my husband went a little above and beyond.  He gave me a memo board, a clipboard and a coupon organizer.  The memo board and the clipboard were bad enough, but a freakin’ coupon organizer?!  I’m sure at some point that day we also visited my mother, and his.  What a fun and relaxing day!

This year’s going to be a little different.  I’ve decided that since Mother’s Day is my one and only true day off , I’m going to treat it as such.  Plus I learned my lesson.  If you want something done right, just do it yourself.  That’s why Father’s Day is so great, after all.   And, since the coupon organizer debacle of last year, my husband is all for me planning Mother’s Day.

The festivities are scheduled to begin on Friday morning, around 7:30 – bagels and coffee with girlfriends.  Then we’ll all pile into a caravan of minivans and head up north for the weekend.  You read it right.  We’re going away.  For. The. Whole. Weekend.  Just us Moms.  We’ll spend the weekend ziplining and hiking, shopping and dining.  We’ll be home in time for dinner on Sunday night.  

No Dunkin Donuts in my bed with the whole family, no visit with my mother-in-law, no coupon organizer.  Just a nice relaxing weekend.  Everything Mother’s Day should be.  And I’m sure that after 3 days away from the kids, I’ll happily share my dinner with them, even in my bed if they want.

When I told a friend that the lady from the packy said hi to me at the Homegoods, she said that was a red flag.  Two red flags, actually.  One just for calling it the packy.  Then she said drinking wine at the laundromat by myself with my People magazines when the dryer was broken was another red flag.  Now I’m up to 3.  So, it’s either time for an intervention, or a cocktail… 

With that in mind, I’d like to share with you an idea the other Minivan Mom had after February school vacation – Mimosa Monday.  I’ve included a copy of her super-cute email invite below so you can all have a Mimosa Monday as well. 

Hi Ladies!

Mimosa Monday is in effect!

Come on over to re-connect.

One long school vacation,

Equals one tiny delicious libation!

 Let’s toast to a great week anew,

And this vacation in the rear view.

 The joy begins at half past 9.

To see you all would be so fine!


Celebrate the end of this week with the kids and the start of school again!  Invite your friends, sit back and enjoy the empty house once again!