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Yesterday was a tough one for me.  My baby turned 7, which is a giant leap away from babyhood.  I mean, it’s not even really little kid anymore.  It’s kinda big kid.  Now what am I supposed to do?  I think I need another baby.  Ok, we’ll revisit that in another blog.  When I’m thinking clearer.

Then, as if I wasn’t already melancholy, stupid Modern Family had to go and get all sappy.  Geez.  I watch that show to laugh, not to cry.  And oh man did I cry!  Hannah (Taylor, Haley, Abby? what is her name anyway?) moved into college and well, that apparently was just too much for me to handle on top of my baby turning seven.

Also, there was this:  The little guy asked several times if he could have a “gelatin cake” for his birthday.  “Sure!” I replied.  “Easy!” I thought.  Well, I was wrong.  The only kind of “gelatin cake” I’ve ever made is the Jello Poke cake, with Cool-Whip topping and fresh strawberries.  So, surely, that’s what he wanted, right?  Not so much.  But, I didn’t know that.  So yesterday, after school, he double checked, “You made me a “gelatin cake”, right?”  “Of course I did honey!  And even with a special topping for my special guy!”  He was all smiles.  I used cherry Jello and topped the Cool-Whip with his favorite, maraschino cherries (Red 40, anyone?)

However, when he came into the kitchen for the singing and the candle blowing, he advised me that this was not a “gelatin cake” after all.  Huh? My eyes filled with tears.  He only turns seven once.  Had I thoroughly ruined his birthday?  No, he assured me, but this definitely was NOT a “gelatin cake.”  A “gelatin cake” would be made of all Jello and not served in coffee cups as I usually serve it.  It would be like a cake, except Jello.  Yeah, got it… now.  Somewhere, somehow, in his short seven years he managed to see a 1970’s gelatin MOLD?  How is that possible?  Who even owns one anymore, and how could I get one, ASAP??

Luckily, my friend Andrea, with the sunny, clean and uncluttered kitchen, manages to pull out the most unusual of all things from her Narnia-like wardrobe of a cupboard.

So today, it’ll be a cherry Jello mold.  With a heart on top.  And maybe I won’t cry this time.