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I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, and when they are open they’re burning.  It’s 5:30 in the morning and I’m up because I stupidly decided to invited the little guy’s entire class over after school today for a pizza party.  The only reason it’s stupid is because I have not been home all weekend!  I ran to the market last night for a few things, but am up early to clean this house like it’s 1997 (pre-kids), prepare beautiful food for the adults and magically my make my yard look like I take care of it.  All in 6 hours, with 3 school drop offs and one school pick-up mixed in there.  Did I mention that somehow all of the little guy’s toys, and I mean ALL of them have ended up in the dining room?  So unless I can fit a run to Home Depot for a door on the kitchen so no one can see the massive toy pile, I’ve gotta tackle that.   And, maybe, just maybe, fit in a shower. 

Not sure I’ll pull it all off.  Actually, now that I’ve decided to blog instead of clean, the odds are stacking against me.  And, seriously, because who would want to make this crap up –  the dog just puked!  I think I’ll go and get a coffee while everyone’s still asleep and try again in a little while…

I ran into a friend at preschool drop off the other day and she looked amazing.  So, I told her.  And she replied, “Thanks!  Ugh, I haven’t had a shower in like a week and so&so’s been puking since……”

I seriously didn’t hear a word after that.  I was too consumed with the idea that I had showered, that very morning, shaved my legs, spent 35+ minutes blow drying my hair into submission and even used bronzer and blush.   

And still, if you placed us side by side and asked random people on the street who had spent hours getting ready and who had a puking kid and hadn’t showered – the people would not pick me as the one who’d spent hours getting ready. 

What the what!?