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How do you know when you’re too old for something?  I mean, just because I’m fortyish doesn’t mean I don’t still like the things I liked when I was younger.   I blogged before about my obsession with Steven Tyler feathers for my hair.  Is it appropriate for a fortyish mother of three to have Steven Tyler feathers in her hair?

Doesn’t really matter – I’m over the feathers now anyway.  I read an article about them and they talked about the different birds the feathers came from and it kinda grossed me out.  But, here’s something I really need to have in my hair –  I first admired them on Adrienne on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and now my friend Katie has them  and even though I have yet to see them in her hair, I know that I have got to get bling strings in my hair!

But, am I too old?  I don’t feel too old!  I feel  like I need bling strings!  Of course I would get them to match my hair color – no blue or red for me.  But, as I wrote this blog post, I did a Google Image search so I could insert a photo for you to see, in case you weren’t familiar with bling strings.  Turns out, most of the photos are of children, celebrities or hookers.  Hmmm….

Maybe that’s how you know when you’re too old.

So, if a midlife crisis occurs midlife, and I’m 41, wouldn’t that be anytime now?  I mean, 82’s pretty old, right?  So how will I know?  Are there signs?  Crap, am I in the middle of one?

I did just ask my hair stylist to give me Farrah Fawcett  layers.  (He didn’t, I don’t think.)

Then there was the girls’ trip to NYC in which I spent the entire time searching for feathers to wear in my hair (a la StevenTyler.)  And, I shopped at Forever 21.

Forever 21!  This isn’t looking good, not at all.  I could be having one.  Right now

Ok, wait a minute; I’m still driving a minivan, right?  Right.  Well then, that is so not a midlife crisis.  If it were a certified – real deal midlife crisis I’d be driving something  a hell of a lot nicer than that.