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I live about half an hour away from where I went to school, and even though 30 or so miles isn’t far, in this small state, it’s like another world.  I never see anyone I went to school with.

Imagine my surprise, while shopping with my 2 youngest at a local gift shop, to spot someone I remembered from school.  Someone I don’t remember well.  We certainly weren’t friends.  But, we did go to school together.  And, since I’m a grown up now, and I try to be a good person, I thought, “I’ll just catch her eye and say hello.”  So, I did just that.  Well almost that.  I caught her eye alright, her STINK EYEShe gave me the stink eye!  We’re forty-something year olds.  We don’t give the stink eye.  We say hello.  I decided that was that, enough of me trying to be Miss Nice Girl and started to leave.  As I attempted to gather my children, my little guy had a full on meltdown, kicking off shoes and everything.  By the time I managed to escape, I’m sure Stink Eye knew exactly who I was.

The Stink Eye

Fast forward a few months and my little guy has just started preschool.  I was really enjoying that 2 hour and fifteen minutes to myself – maybe a little too much – and was running late for pick up one day.  There was no time to wait for the elevator, so I took to the stairs, running.  Just as I reached the second floor landing, SPLAT! I fell flat on my face.  No sooner had I landed, the door opened, and Stink Eye walked out.  AND STEPPED OVER ME. 

Well, that was about enough of that.  So that’s how it was gonna be – she was going to pretend she didn’t even know me.  Fine by me.

A few years have gone by since, and I’ve seen her here and there and no big deal.  Until a few weeks ago when I attended a seminar and she was there.  Stink Eye and me, in the same 2 and a half hour seminar.  So, being the grown up I am, I immediately texted to the other Minivan Mom that Stink Eye was there.  But, instead of using Stink Eye, I used her real name.  Her whole name.  And I ended my text with “shoot me now.”

Not a big deal, right?  Not until later on that evening when I realized that my friend had not responded, so I wrote on her Facebook wall.  Here’s what transpired:

Me: Did you get my text? I may blog about that experience.                   

Other Minivan Mom:  No I did not get your text. Did you send it to ME? Haha. What experience?

Me: Great – maybe it wasn’t you. Crap! I used LAST NAMES and everything!

Me:  I knew I shouldn’t have taken up texting.

Other Minivan Mom: Uh oh! I just double checked and sorry but I got nothin!

Me: Now I can’t even find my flippin’ phone. Picture me in a full on freak out right now!

Other Minivan Mom: Got it.

Other Minivan Mom: I mean I got the image in my head, Not your text.

Me:   Crap.

Other Minivan Mom: Calm down and breathe.

Me: Wait, when I called you this afternoon, was that home or cell?

Other Minivan Mom: I don’t remember. I can’t remember 5 minutes ago.

So here’s the moral to this story.  You don’t have to be Miss Nice Girl all of the time just because you’re a grown up, but if you’re still gonna pass notes (ie texts) like you’re in junior high, just make sure they get where they’re supposed to be.  And, never, ever, use real names.