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When my daughter was born, the nurse in the hospital nursery told me she had a boy and then a girl, same as me, and then she had “a bonus.”  That always stuck with me, it was such a great way to think about number three.  Then when I was pregnant with the little guy, people would ask if I knew what I was having or if I would find out – I told them the story, and that I too, was having “a bonus.”

After the little guy came along, I was volunteering at the bigs’ school one day and had the baby in the Baby Bjorn.  Another mother, whom I’d just met, told me she had 3 kids too, with the same age span I had.  She said they called number 3 “the straw.”  I was perplexed and asked why – the answer was because he was the one that broke the camel’s back!  I couldn’t imagine it at the time – but gradually I began to understand it.

Every day that third one is the bonus, but sometimes he can also be the straw!