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We had planned this fabulous vacation to the Bahamas.  We were looking forward to it for months.  But as it got closer, I was going insane packing for 5 people, and doing everything you need to do to get ready  for a week away,  You know what I am talking about…the laundry, the shopping,  the mail, the trash etc…etc…I was already stressed out and we hadn’t left yet.  I was worried.   Was it going to be a vacation for me?   Was I going to have any fun?   I was not so sure.

We started our vacation by being detained at the airport because my son thought he should bring his Fushigi Ball in his backpack.  Then my daughter was complaining that her backpack was too heavy.  When I went to see what she had in there, I discovered that she thought it would be a good idea to bring her Children’s Dictionary and her new world record book, that she got at the book fair, and 6 American Girl books. So who do you think carried the backpack?  That’s right.  ME.

It was not looking good so far.

When we got to our destination there is so much to do and the kids immediately wanted me to do everything with them.  I wanted to have fun with them, but I was also hoping for a little relaxation too.  They had me going down  water slides so high and fast!  I had never seen slides like these before!  They had me hanging on to a tube for dear life while riding rapids and, yes, screaming!  The Lazy River was more my speed, but I did it all!  I jumped waves and built sandcastles and waited in long lines… all for the happiness of my children.

Still, I really just wanted to relax.

But a funny thing happened on about the 3rd or 4th day.  I was actually having fun!  The roles had reversed.   I started dragging them to things and I heard myself saying, “Let’s go on that BIG slide”!  and, “Let’s jump these great waves”!  and, “Do you want to do that AGAIN?”   I would ask them over and over if there was anything else they wanted to do before the day was done.  We didn’t go to bed early and I was ok with that.  I was not watching the clock thinking how much longer are they going to stay up.  I wanted them to stay out as long as possible.

On our last afternoon, I was in full on fun mode!  They couldn’t drag me out of the water.  I kept saying “C’mon!  These waves are awesome!”  I think they thought it was funny seeing their mom get crushed by wave after wave.  Finally they waved to me and said they were going back to the pool.  They actually left me there having fun all by myself.

After a lot of wave crushing and a lost pair of sunglasses, I decided to rejoin my family, but it was nice to know that I could have fun just because I wanted to have fun, and not because I had to have fun “for the kids.”

So it may not have been the sit- in -your –beach- chair- and –read- a- book- vacation, but it was a GREAT vacation…..even for me.