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When I told a friend that the lady from the packy said hi to me at the Homegoods, she said that was a red flag.  Two red flags, actually.  One just for calling it the packy.  Then she said drinking wine at the laundromat by myself with my People magazines when the dryer was broken was another red flag.  Now I’m up to 3.  So, it’s either time for an intervention, or a cocktail… 

With that in mind, I’d like to share with you an idea the other Minivan Mom had after February school vacation – Mimosa Monday.  I’ve included a copy of her super-cute email invite below so you can all have a Mimosa Monday as well. 

Hi Ladies!

Mimosa Monday is in effect!

Come on over to re-connect.

One long school vacation,

Equals one tiny delicious libation!

 Let’s toast to a great week anew,

And this vacation in the rear view.

 The joy begins at half past 9.

To see you all would be so fine!


Celebrate the end of this week with the kids and the start of school again!  Invite your friends, sit back and enjoy the empty house once again!