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Today we had a meeting at the little guy’s school to discuss his speech therapy program.  While I was waiting in the office, his teacher stopped in and sat beside me.  She told me that she wanted to discuss something that happened in class today.  She warned that it wasn’t a big deal, but that she’d kept the little guy in for recess.  Turns out, he was copying a friend’s answers during a listening/writing activity – complete with misspellings and an exclamation point!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I take cheating very seriously, but since he’s number three, I’ve learned a thing or two about what goes on in school.  When the big guy was the same age, he would come home and confess to me about something he got in trouble for and I would instantly call the teacher and explain how “seriously” we took education and that there would be consequences at home as well.  Fast forward 7 years, and I know when to let the school discipline just be, and when I have to step in.

So, although I figured staying in for recess and discussing the “incident” would suffice, I couldn’t help but wonder if the little guy would tell me about it.  The bigs talk to me about everything.  Surely my little guy would come home and tell me what happened.  Not.

Just imagine me trying to pry the info from the little  guy…”So, honey, how was school?”  “What’d you do at recess?”…Nothing.  No info coming my way.  By the time dinner came, I could take it no more!  So I came out with a direct question:

“How was recess today?”

And do you know what the answer was?  A suspicious “WHY would you even ask me that?”

Not, “I’m so sorry Mommy, I got in trouble.  I made a bad choice.”

Nooo, it was “WHY would you even ask me that?”

So, I just said, “I always ask you how recess was.”

“You do?” he replied.

“Yes,” I nodded.

“Good!” he cheerfully answered!  Good?  Staying in and discussing copying your friend’s answers is good??

All children are different.  Even in the same family.  Even if you think you’re raising them the same.  But dammit, that number three, well, he sure is his own person.  He’s got his own secret school life going on, and he’s not going to let me into it.  No matter how hard I pry.

I guess I’ll just go with it.  Let him figure out his way.  Hope he learned his lesson.  And sharpen my super sleuth skills – looks like I’m going to need them!

I have to confess.  The ensuing start of the school year is getting to me.  I am more scatter brained than ever!  As some of you know and many do not, I am adding one more to my list of job titles.  Teacher.  After almost 10 years at home, I am returning to work.  Today was my first indication that I- might- not –be –ready.  I got a call from the “GOD OF ALL PAPER WORK” in central office asking if I had turned in some forms.

Me: “Yes, of course I did.  I dropped them off almost two weeks ago to the office.”

GOD OF ALL PAPER WORK: “Are you sure?  You filled out all the tax forms?”

Me: “Oh, No. There are tax forms?”

GOD OF ALL PAPER WORK: ”Do you think you could come in and take care of that today?”

Me: “Sure, no problem.”

So off I go to take care of the gaggle of papers I thought I already filled out……but didn’t.  Nice move.  I’m lookin’ real smart right about now.  When I got to the office I asked for the GOD OF ALL PAPER WORK and they told me to have a seat and she would be right with me.  I waited patiently.  She came out and sat down right next to me and spoke to me veeeerrrry sloooowly using piercing eye contact.  I didn’t take this as a good sign.  She then explained what had to be filled out and then asked if she could take a copy of my license.

Ok, I can handle this.  Just fill out the forms and give her my license to copy.  As I  glanced at the pages before me, I have to say, they may as well have been written in Latin.  I had not a clue what to do.  Now don’t judge!  Some of you are thinking that there must be something wrong with me, but the truth is I haven’t filled out forms like these in over 15 years!  So what did I do?

I called my husband.

After I got over the fact that I had to call the hubby, and he proceeded to tell me he was in a meeting and couldn’t help me right now, but would call me back, I gathered my things and politely told the woman at the desk with all the dignity I had left that I needed time to look over the paper work and would return them tomorrow.  She told me that they would also need a copy of my SS card.  I have been home now for 5 hours and I can’t find that damn card.  I am in trouble people!

I am in dire need of some organization!  I need to start making lists and keep a calendar of sorts or maybe I need an assistant!  Yes, that’s it!  I need an assistant.  Any takers out there?

I was really looking forward to my new job.  I just need to make sure I don’t mess it up before I begin.  I read a quote that said simply, “If you don’t start then you can’t finish.  So get started!”  I am off to a rocky start, but at least it is a start.  Right?